Diversity Creates a World of Opportunity.

Broader range of thinking
Fresh viewpoints
Increased adaptability
Effective execution
Diverse teams are 87% better
at making decisions
Diverse teams are 70% more likely
to capture new markets
85% of CEOs with diverse and inclusive
cultures notice increased profits

Advantis is committed to supporting and fostering social justice, diversity and belonging.  In 2020 we established a Diversity Council to align our operations with the goal to bring more opportunity to underrepresented groups.  In 2021 we launched a specialization practice, Advantis Government Solutions, focused on supporting Veterans in search of government opportunities.  Diversity and inclusion are not goals to reach as much as simply the way we strive to conduct business at all times.

We value the differences that make people unique and cultivate environments where we can all bring our full selves to work.  We’re not perfect but are striving for progress with a continuous process of evaluation and action to ensure our employees, consultants, and clients are working in the most inclusive and socially responsible environment possible.  Advantis is open and committed to being a more diverse, equitable and inclusive collective all in an effort to exceptionally serve our clients and workforce.

Advantis Global’s 2021 Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives

Advantis in the Community 

Advantis recognizes the substantial impact that procurement decisions can have on the environment, society, and the economy, and as such we are committed to a policy of social and environment responsibility and ethical conduct.   

Each branch of Advantis supports their local communities through a calendar of quarterly culture events planned throughout the year. Further, we support our local communities by coordinating hiring events (resume workshops, interview coaching, etc) for people looking for work opportunities.  We place a primary focus on events supporting underrepresented groups, including returnships, veteran status, disability, and neurodiverse talent pools. 

We continuously work with many of our client’s leadership representatives to better understand and align our support to their own social, environmental, and DE&I objectives. Our commitment is embedded in our company values and practices - from top to bottom. We recognize that there is always room to improve and we are committed to a continuous process of evaluation and action to ensure our employees and contractors are working in the most inclusive and socially responsible environment possible.

Happy group of diverse young people sitting in a row having fun, laughing, and taking notes.

YUPRO Partnership - Streamlining Diversity in Recruitment

Committed to purpose driven recruitment, Advantis Global and Year Up Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO) announce their partnership for the goal of a more Diverse talent, Inclusive and Equitable workforce.

Learn more on our Blog.

“I had a fantastic experience working with your recruiting team.”
Jody S.
iOS Developer
“My Recruiter has been excellent to work with every step of the way, and the same goes for the other Advantis Global employees I’ve had the privilege of working with.”
Jonas L.
Systems Analyst
“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the entire team at ADVANTIS Global!”
Leo M.
Sr. Manager Data Engineering
“I’ve never had a recruiter who was so thorough and responsive, from interview prep calls to steady communications, as well as being super-supportive and encouraging.”
Lori A.
Technical Project Manager
“I’ve already referred one of my former colleagues who's in a job search to your company.”
Thomas C.
Sr. Systems Engineer
“Skylee is persistent, knowledgeable and very thoughtful throughout the entire hiring process. From day one, I was extremely impressed by her enthusiasm to get an offer from one of my top choices (An enthusiasm only matched by mine.) In my book, she is hands down the very best recruiter in the Silicon Valley. I will and have recommended her to all of my peers.”
Engineering Project Manager
“It was such a pleasure working with Advantis over the last few weeks. Your team came through for me when my other vendors couldn’t. I’m seriously impressed.”
Jonathan R.
Cloud Security Architect
“I definitely want to keep in touch, and hope that you will keep me in mind for future opportunities!”
Anjan D.
Full Stack Developer
“It was fantastic having a recruiter spend time helping me understand what to expect, and how to prepare for the next phases of the screening process.”
Steve H.
Application Developer
“The experience I have had with Advantis is BY FAR the best I’ve had in staffing!”
Stephanie Z.
VP Product Management
“I have never worked with recruiters that were so helpful and joyful.”
Jennifer D.
Director, PMO
“It has been a true pleasure working with you & your team through the placement process.”
Curtis L.
UX Architect
“Working in tech in the Bay Area can be challenging but Advantis Global has been great finding the roles I’m looking for.”
Deven V.
Blockchain Engineer
“I’ve never had a favorite vendor rep before, until I worked with Advantis.”
Robert A.
IT Support Manager
“From the first time my recruiter Cole Keener reached out to me when I was given an offer, Cole/Sarah have been an absolute joy to work with. They move fast and communicate clearly. It made the process of finding new work while continuing to work at my current job absolutely seamless. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.”
Sound Designer
“Thank you so much, I really appreciate how engaged you’ve been with me throughout this entire process.”
Shan H.
Sr. Financial Analyst