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Veterans working on computers in cybersecurity in an office for a federal government tech job.
Group of cybersecurity professionals working in an office at their computers from a government staffing agency.
Advantis Government Solutions

Federal Government Staffing Agency

Keep Information Safe with Federal Staffing.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Be proactive by stepping up your cybersecurity, defense, and Intelligence IT game before it’s too late.
There is a huge supply shortage of cybersecurity experts due to the STEM shortage in the U.S. and around the world. Over the next 10 years, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals will increase 10x as governments (Federal/State/Local) begin to ramp up their initiatives to compete for the limited talent pool.
That’s why our Government Staffing Agency is here.
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What is Advantis Government Solutions?

Advantis Government Solutions is the go-to government staffing agency for cleared and non-cleared tech jobs in cybersecurity, defense, and intelligence.
We take the business and staffing goals of the Department of Defense, Federal (Civilian, Defense, Intelligence), National Parks Services, Bureau of Land Management, Military, SLED agencies, and State Department and help them fill labor needs and create the perfect team for success.
DUNS 117762491

Build your perfect Defense IT Team.


Access To Veterans And Cleared Talent

Our talent roster has top Secret/SCI clearance, are veterans, and have decades of experience.

Always Be
in the Know

Communication is key. If there’s any change in status or what you’re looking for, we’re happy to instantly spring into action.
Run By Veterans,
For Veterans
We’re proud to be working with ex-military personnel as leaders and account managers. Your mission is our mission.

Cleared Talent Our Recruiters are Experts in Staffing.

Male programmer working on a desktop screen computer with code on the screen for a government staffing agency.
Information Technology
C#/ .NET Developer
Chef Automation Architect
Cloud Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Financial Analyst
Java Developer
Platform Engineer
Product Manager
Software Developer
SQL Developer
Automation Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Team of diverse professionals working on a cybersecurity project with screen projections and holograms.
Security Engineer
Cybersecurity Engineer
Cybersecurity Analyst
DevSecOps Engineer
Development Engineer
Operations Engineer
App Security Engineer (AppSec)
Penetration Tester
Cloud Security Engineer
Are your cleared jobs not on this list?

Making the Impossible, Possible.