Two young professionals working at a desk photo editing for a creative staffing agency in an office.
Group of professionals sitting around a table discussing color choices for UI/UX projects for a creative staffing agency.
Man with glasses working on creative designs on paper at a desk with his head leaned down for work.
AG Studios

Marketing & Creative Staffing Agency

Stand Out from the
Crowd with Creative Staffing.

Say good-bye to dated creative assets and hello to head-turning UI/UX, graphics, animations, marketing, and content.
Mobile device traffic has increased 40% since 2013. That means having applications and website content optimized for desktop is no longer viable. Businesses need layouts to be transformative, reactive, and easy to navigate.
This is where our talent can help you achieve your design goals.
Man using crumpled aluminum foil to cover his face with neon blue, pink, and yellow lights for a creative pop art post effect.
Two hands in a pop art vaporwave creative design style with neon pink and blue lighting effects for a magazine.

What is AG Studios?

AG Studios is the go-to staffing agency for top-tier roles in creative direction, design, and marketing.
We take the business and staffing goals of industry-leading clients and help them fill labor needs and create the perfect team for success.

Build your perfect Creative & Marketing Team.


Access to the Top 1% of Skilled Talent

Our talent roster has top Secret/SCI clearance, are veterans, and have decades of experience.

Always Be
in the Know

Communication is key. If there’s any change in status or what you’re looking for, we’re happy to instantly spring into action.
you can Trust
We’re proud to be working with ex-military personnel as leaders and account managers. Your mission is our mission.

Creative Talent Our Recruiters are Experts in Staffing.

Young Latina designer working on a UI/UX job at a desktop computer in an office, developing a new mobile app.
UI/UX Design
Visual Designer
Graphic Designer
UI Designer
UX Designer
UX Researcher
UI Engineer
UX Engineer
Product Designer
Female designer sitting at a desk working on a creative job project with color palettes, graphics, and fonts on a desktop computer.
Creative Direction
Creative Director
Art Director
Social Media Manager
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Market Research Analyst
Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Operations Manager
Technical Director
Creative Project Manager
Growth Marketing Lead
PR Director
Development Director
Audio engineer working on a job for a creative staffing agency, mixing audio levels on a desktop computer.
VFX Engineer
Digital Producer
Content Producer
Art Producer
Creative Producer
Ad Platform Engineer
Audio Director
Integrated Producer
Motion Designer
Graphic Designer
Audio Engineer
Are your creative jobs not on this list?

Start Standing Out.