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Not Just Any Staffing Agency

The landscape and nature of work is rapidly changing, but with all this change comes tremendous opportunity.

What is Advantis Global?

Our tech staffing agency works with the best to help prestigious companies hire the best.
Our recruiters work hard on delivering an excellent Candidate Experience (CX) with skilled talent across the tech, government, and creative industries and creating long-term relationships with talent in the IT industry.
We get that the whole job search process isn't fun for anyone, but…
We’re here to make it better.
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Connecting People to Opportunity.

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The Future is Bright.
The future is full of amazing opportunities. Rise to meet them with purpose and positivity, and you’ll find yourself making a real difference in the lives of many people.
Group of diverse business casual people celebrating a win at a company.
Be Valuable.
Every day is a chance to deliver value to candidates, consultants, clients, and teammates. The impact of our daily efforts is often profound and life-changing for those we serve.
Group of multiracial casual work friends at a coffee shop taking a candid selfie photo and having fun.
At Advantis Global we invest in each other and get involved in our communities. Life here is about much more than a paycheck. We're built on a culture of care, empathy, purpose, and growth.
Happy group of diverse young people sitting in a row having fun, laughing, and taking notes.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

We are doers, builders, and entrepreneurs. True diversity starts with recruiting a variety of outstanding people with differing backgrounds, skills, ideas, cultures, and experience levels.
Your gender, your beliefs, your preferences, your skin color, or your bigshot friend make no difference to us. We are a progressive and open-minded collective.
If you’re smart, optimistic, and care about being awesome at what you do, come as you are and join our tech staffing agency!
We love and welcome you with open arms!
“I had a fantastic experience working with your recruiting team.”
Jody S.
iOS Developer
“My Recruiter has been excellent to work with every step of the way, and the same goes for the other Advantis Global employees I’ve had the privilege of working with.”
Jonas L.
Systems Analyst
“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the entire team at ADVANTIS Global!”
Leo M.
Sr. Manager Data Engineering
“I’ve never had a recruiter who was so thorough and responsive, from interview prep calls to steady communications, as well as being super-supportive and encouraging.”
Lori A.
Technical Project Manager
“I’ve already referred one of my former colleagues who's in a job search to your company.”
Thomas C.
Sr. Systems Engineer
“Skylee is persistent, knowledgeable and very thoughtful throughout the entire hiring process. From day one, I was extremely impressed by her enthusiasm to get an offer from one of my top choices (An enthusiasm only matched by mine.) In my book, she is hands down the very best recruiter in the Silicon Valley. I will and have recommended her to all of my peers.”
Engineering Project Manager
“It was such a pleasure working with Advantis over the last few weeks. Your team came through for me when my other vendors couldn’t. I’m seriously impressed.”
Jonathan R.
Cloud Security Architect
“I definitely want to keep in touch, and hope that you will keep me in mind for future opportunities!”
Anjan D.
Full Stack Developer
“It was fantastic having a recruiter spend time helping me understand what to expect, and how to prepare for the next phases of the screening process.”
Steve H.
Application Developer
“The experience I have had with Advantis is BY FAR the best I’ve had in staffing!”
Stephanie Z.
VP Product Management
“I have never worked with recruiters that were so helpful and joyful.”
Jennifer D.
Director, PMO
“It has been a true pleasure working with you & your team through the placement process.”
Curtis L.
UX Architect
“Working in tech in the Bay Area can be challenging but Advantis Global has been great finding the roles I’m looking for.”
Deven V.
Blockchain Engineer
“I’ve never had a favorite vendor rep before, until I worked with Advantis.”
Robert A.
IT Support Manager
“From the first time my recruiter Cole Keener reached out to me when I was given an offer, Cole/Sarah have been an absolute joy to work with. They move fast and communicate clearly. It made the process of finding new work while continuing to work at my current job absolutely seamless. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.”
Sound Designer
“Thank you so much, I really appreciate how engaged you’ve been with me throughout this entire process.”
Shan H.
Sr. Financial Analyst

Jobs at Advantis Global.