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YUPRO and Advantis Global logos with diverse people in the background.

YUPRO Partnership - Streamlining Diversity in Recruitment

Committed to purpose driven recruitment, Advantis Global and Year Up Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO) announce their partnership for the goal of a more Diverse talent, Inclusive and Equitable workforce. 

The current social issues and the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has driven companies to evaluate and enhance their diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts. This has led to an acceleration in positive strategic partnerships and the push for more inclusive hiring practices.

Diverse and Inclusive Talent Management Approach

With a goal to recruit more diverse talent, Advantis Global has partnered with Year UP Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO), the nation’s leading Opportunity Talent Placement Firm, to encourage and promote Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the workforce. This strategic partnership will build on experience, resource strategies, and use social metrics as accountability.

“Human connection and empathy matter more now than ever. We’re determined to build an exceptional company where the values on our path to purpose are easily seen in our daily actions and efforts. We are confident that our partnership with YUPRO will put us in an environment to attract the people we need to bring this vision to life”, said Dan Pollock, CEO of Advantis Global.

“Strategically aligning with Advantis Global provides YUPRO access to more job opportunities for our diverse talent and serves our social mission as we seek out partners that commit to fair market wages and economic mobility for traditionally underrepresented talent,”said Michelle Sims, CEO of YUPRO. “We are excited to open the door for our talent to Advantis Global job opportunities as we strive to double our Opportunity Talent placements in 2021.”

What to Expect from the YUPRO Partnership

Advantis Global and YUPRO are a seamless fit because YUPRO connects forward-thinking companies with diverse talent that drives long-term business success. YUPRO is a Public Benefit Corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Year Up, Inc., a leading non-profit workforce development organization. They uphold a shared social mission to close the Opportunity Divide and support Opportunity Talent in securing jobs where they can earn fair and equitable market wages and experience continuity of work in professional roles.

Diverse Talent

Advantis Global is focused on building a sustainable Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging plan by focusing on communication, actions, and accountability. The partnership between Advantis Global and YUPRO is structured around collective goals and progress measures. The teams are excited to both being a driving force for diverse recruiting, as well as moving the needle towards a more intentional hiring process.

Learn more about YuPro and why placement with social impact is better here.

About the IT Staffing Agency, Advantis Global

Advantis Global is a purpose driven tech staffing agency that connects people to opportunity, with a goal to foster a culture that attracts people who are driven by a service mindset. Advantis cultivates a team that values the differences that make each person unique and provides the space for every person to thrive. As Advantis grows and expands, they remain committed to being a more diverse, equitable and inclusive collective all in an effort to exceptionally serve clients and the workforce.

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YUPRO and Advantis Global logos with diverse people in the background.
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