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Why Progressive Companies are Shifting to Remote Work

The shift to remote work from home jobs is permanent across many sectors. Hybrid or remote technical jobs remain on the rise, led by big names like Apple, Spotify, Shopify, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter. Moreover, plenty of new companies are saving on office space from the start. Let’s look at why, post-pandemic, progressive companies will continue to offer hybrid and remote work.

The Benefits of Remote Work 

Global Staffing Access

Hiring workers from around the globe allows the companies to access more talent while improving corporate culture and diversity. Not only does that improve employees’ experience, the knowledge gained can help attract more diverse consumers. Studies show that having a diverse team can increase revenue by 19 times.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is essential for corporate growth. And, with abundant remote work from home job options available to existing staff, embracing work-from-anywhere is a wise call. Good retention rates set a chain reaction in the company; it boosts productivity, enhances performance, and increases engagement.

Benefits of remote work: lower turnover rate statistic.

Moreover, companies save money and time on employee hiring and training with better retention rates.

Cost Saving

One of the biggest benefits of remote work is cost savings. Fewer people in the office saves a lot of money. Business owners do not have to rent a large workspace; they don’t have to pay electricity bills and buy furniture and equipment. Furthermore, they can redirect some of those funds to keep staff supplied with the latest tech for their home office.

Remote jobs also save employees time and money. They can save thousands of dollars a year by not paying for gas, car maintenance, clothes, parking fees, and lunches. All these expenditures are reduced or eliminated. Many employees also redirect the time saved from commuting to completing extra work or improving their wellness. Both of these are in everyone’s best interest.

Better Talent Attraction

Not being tied to a physical location lets companies access a global talent pool. As mentioned above, this improves corporate culture and diversity. It also expands the candidate pool exponentially. Employers, candidates, and recruiters don’t need to worry about relocation. Although time zones should be considered for compatibility if a role requires regular meetings or interaction that can’t be done over email. That aside, remote work from home jobs open new doors for candidates and hiring authorities.

16% of companies exclusively hire remote workers.

Advantis Global has a pool of highly skilled tech candidates with 7+ years of experience available around the world. If you’re looking for niche talent to help propel your business forward, let us help you with staffing.

Fewer Absences

Absenteeism has a significant impact on company performance. One illness that takes a key stakeholder out of the office can bring a workflow to a screeching halt. Workers who might have called out of the office for a minor bug or ailment can now log in remotely and remove any barriers for other staff. Of note, it’s important that no one feels obligated to work while ill. Employers are responsible for setting clear expectations and promoting employee wellness.

Moreover, flexible work hours are also quite beneficial. Many companies have flex hours, so employees can work when they’re at their best and tend to distractions in a timely fashion. Flexible hours also translate to less absences, increased productivity, and improved employee engagement.

Increased Productivity and Performance

Better employee retention, fewer absentees, flexible schedule, and better employee engagement positively impact revenue and performance. Many studies show that remote work from home jobs result in employees being more productive and output having 40% fewer mistakes than in-house workers.

With fewer mistakes, managers and employers spend less time fixing errors and more time on other vital business tasks and opportunities. This promotes high-quality results and can propel a business to success.

Productive employees have good relationships and trust in their employers. Moreover, remote work from home jobs save employees from extra coffee breaks, gossip, and office politics to concentrate on their actual activities and tasks.

75% of remote workers find there are less distractions.

These are the main reasons progressive companies are capitalizing on the importance of remote work and shifting to work from home models. And in our opinion, it’s about time.

How to Find Tech Companies Hiring Remote

Advantis Global recognizes the importance of remote work. In order to fulfill our mission and connect people to job opportunities, we start by internally making the shift to hybrid and remote work. This lets us ensure our employees feel safe and supported in their careers.

So, if you are ready for that perfect remote work from home job in tech, fill out our 1-minute application. We have provided remote tech jobs for years and have helped many people find their next career opportunities.

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