Construction Manager

Forest City
North Carolina
Data Center
November 8, 2021
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Construction Execution
Owns and manages the development of the Construction Execution Plan (CEP) and ensures it is aligned with the Project Execution Plan (PEP)
Provides coordination between contractors, plant operations, and plant safety
Coordinates construction support activities such as parking, office space, trailers, lunch, tents, warehousing, lay-down/storage yards, water, power, communications, etc.
Ensures prompt, accurate and consistent reporting from contractors to the Project Manager, regarding quality, safety, productivity, cost and schedule, etc.
When requested, consolidates reports into a summary construction management report
Develops key contacts within constructor organizations to better understand job status
Review applicable engineer drawings and provides comments back to the Project Manager or Design Manager
Attend model reviews as required
Assists the Project Manager in developing the project lessons learned
Facilitates the Constructibility Review process on projects
Facilitates and leads construction kick-off meetings
Facilitates construction meetings (daily, weekly, monthly) where the meeting frequency is determined with input from the Project Manager
Addresses contractor performance issues
Identifies and coordinates data center resources, with input from Project Manager, that are required to support construction
Facilitates the Change Management process within execution including rev control, organizing walk-throughs, etc.
Ensures adequate direct construction management oversight is provided and provides a resource plan and costs to the Project Manager
Reviews project Change Orders to ensure cost and schedule impacts have been properly addressed
Ensures as-builts drawings are prepared by contractors
Monitors and ensures the company and contractor equipment management plans are implemented
Ensures systems and procedures are in place to provide security and quality of purchased equipment
Reviews and obtains security access requests for movement of contractor personnel, materials, and equipment
Facilitates interaction between contractor’s and the company's  QA/QC
Ensures contractors have approved CMOPs for the work they will perform
Ensures contractors are adhering to the company's CMOP requirements
Ensures contractors respond to quality issues and action items
Monitors contractors to ensure compliance with approved QA/QC plans
Ensures contractors collect and report on required quality metrics
Participates in estimate reviews
Understands construction contractor estimating and scheduling capabilities
Understands each constructor’s contractual terms
Checks each contractor’s invoice for accuracy and completeness
Monitors contactor’s headcount and approves contractors timesheets
Communicates overtime work plan and justification to the Project Manager and Project Controls Lead
Monitors and approves contractor’s overtime requests
Understands the project and construction cost estimates for individual constructors and monitors cost when applicable
Monitors contractor productivity and reports areas of concern to the Project Manager and Project Controls Lead
Appropriately challenges datacenter practices and policies that add unjustified construction costs
Monitors and evaluates the costs required to sustain ongoing construction oversight and management
Understands the project and construction schedule and monitors and reports contractor’s progress as compared to schedule
Communicates potential schedule slippages to the Project Manager
Ensures contractor schedule updates are issued as originally agreed
Construction Safety
Demonstrates and communicates the company's safety culture and values
Communicates project related incidents per established protocol
Ensures safety statistics are been captured and reported correctly
Participates in contractor safety meetings
Ensures safety audits are periodically done and action items closed
Ensures contractors have an approved safety program and case management project before beginning work in the field
Ensures contractors issue timely incident reports
Maintains relationships with XFN teams at all levels and ensure safety protocols are followed

Bachelor's degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent degree and/or minimum of twelve (12) years professional experience in any combination of construction, operations, maintenance, and project planning.
Familiarity with retrofit projects in live data centers or other mission critical buildings including the development of Methods of Procedures (MOPs).
Overall understanding of building systems including mechanical, electrical, and fire protection in a data center environment.
Knowledge of CPM scheduling practices and familiarity with Primavera P6 software.
Functional in MS Office products (e.g. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc.).

Preferred Qualifications
Data center design and construction experience.
Project Manager Professional certification.
Familiarity with ground-up construction and greenfield site development requirements.
Knowledge of local US industry standards, building codes and safety standards.


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