Sr. Product Manager

San Francisco
Project Management / PMO / Program Management
February 16, 2021
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As a Senior Product Manager, you will help lead growth through Innovation. Whether working with data science to build cutting edge machine learning solutions or driving user engagement with powerful UX, you will help drive our newest product. As a Senior Product Manager for our Innovation you help move our products forward by helping app publishers and advertisers gain unique insights to enable them to make better business decisions. As a Sr. PM, you will own the strategy and execution for this product and responsible for bringing it to the next level for our world-class customers!



· Own several product areas; set the vision for key product initiatives and collaborate across groups to support our growth 

· Define and execute new products and offering

· Lead a cross functional team to execute on the innovation vision

· Solve complex data problems across the entire pipeline, from data collection to machine learning data models to flexible data visualization 

· Collaborate across engineering, data science, product marketing, sales and our customers to continuously improve our product offerings across the market



· You have a degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Economics from a leading university.

· You have 4-8 years of experience in a product management or related role (consulting, etc)

· You love all things data. You’ve worked closely with data before, understand how data pipelines work and have experience making data come alive for the end user

· You’re technically-inclined and can get into the weeds of engineering problems to understand the pros and cons of different solutions

· You bring people together to make it happen. Energy and creativity are key characteristics that describe you and the projects you lead.

· You have deep customer empathy and have experience in UX design, research, and testing

· You have established and achieved strategic goals in a dynamic environment. You have experience adjusting your product strategy based on research, data, and changing needs

· You have experience building B2B enterprise SaaS products

· You have experience working with remote engineering teams

· You have worked on and delivered data science driven projects

· You have built products for global audiences


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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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