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Software Engineering / Development
February 4, 2021
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The Information Technology group works as a global team to empower our employees and business operations to be creative, collaborative, and productive.  As a digital entertainment company, our enterprise technology needs are diverse and span across game development, workforce collaboration, marketing, publishing, player experience, security, and corporate activities.  Our mission is to bring creative technology services to each of these areas, working across the company to “ensure better play.

The Challenge Ahead

This is a key technical leadership role in the Game Development Application Services team and offers a recognized expert the opportunity to envision, design and build a variety of enterprise-level solutions in support of Application Lifecycle Management for our video games and central services teams. This role includes the creation of the solution architectures that will incorporate custom, COTS and packaged applications together with integrations with products such as Slack, JIRA, Perforce, GitLab. These solutions are built upon a cloud-first philosophy and leverage public cloud services from leading providers such as Azure, AWS and Google. Coupled with the power of the cloud, the ideal candidate will have people management responsibilities over small Agile teams to architect, design and engineer applications that will support thousands of current users.


· Lead a team to create the solution and software architecture for high volume, high transaction applications specifically targeted to support the game development teams across the entire global enterprise

· As a people manager, leads a high performing team with a strong culture of trust and collaboration

· Demonstrate a sound understanding of game development team objectives that drive and shape technology requirements and design deliverables

· Possess, develop, and apply knowledge of trends, relevant software development technologies, design patterns and methodologies

· Collaborate with other engineers and architects to drive guidelines, methodologies, and documentation

· Be a hands-on person leading the team from the front as well as a coach, guide and mentor for software engineers in accomplishing architecture, design and implementation goals

· Provide architectural guidance and oversight to quality assurance on all new code from inception through integration, staging and production environments

· Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback on design and implementation to help others improve coding skills

· Clearly document the requirements and the architecture and design proposed to deliver the software solution

· Actively take part in any negotiations or discussions regarding the necessary requirements, and provide feedback to all parties involved

· Effectively report progress and status through regular email or face to face communication with appropriate leads/managers



· 10+ years of experience building out and managing enterprise level software solutions

· 7+ years of broad experience working with development technologies including Microsoft .NET (C#), ASP.NET/MVC, WCF/Web API/REST, JavaScript frameworks, HTML+CSS3+Javascript

· 7+ years of experience in database development using Microsoft SQL Server or similar RDBMs and related programming data access technologies (ADO.NET, ORMs, OData)

· 7+ years of experience applying design patterns, methodologies and recognized practices like unit testing, dependency injection, test driven development, continuous integration and delivery

???????· 5+ years of experience to architect cloud-based applications leveraging PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offerings from leading vendors such Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure

· Minimum of 3 years leadership experience with the ability to challenge and influence a variety of stakeholders

· Demonstrable experience with development methodologies including waterfall and agile

· Ability to conduct complex systems analysis and translate user requirements into business solutions

· Solid experience with DevOps in a cloud environment, including automation experience, cloud computing and configuration as code

· Excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal, conflict resolution, and customer service skills

· Ability to balance multiple demands and work both independently and as part of a team, in a fast-paced, high volume, deadline-driven environment

· Professionalism in dealing with all levels of management and staff




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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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