Power Generation Senior Consulting Project Engineer (ESC) - Electrical

San Francisco
Software Engineering / Development
October 9, 2020
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This role will be filled by a widely recognized generation expert and with external partners and stakeholders; is requested to apply expert judgment and extensive knowledge of the generation industry to research and develop new/unique solutions while developing and applying extensive risk management and programmatic approaches for high risk and/or system-wide issues. They will also apply extensive technical knowledge and negotiation skills to resolve complex challenges and negotiate/resolve broad or complex technical issues. They are routinely requested by management to apply their extensive generation expertise to develop strategic and tactical solutions for the most complex business endeavors, including on projects they don’t otherwise manage, and at a programmatic level. They will need to provide extensive leadership, coaching and development of less experienced engineers and provide high-level technical briefings, advice, and recommendations to upper management.

This company frequently hires for Hydro-Gen experts, so if you're a Hydro-Gen wiz and this specific role doesn't fit your criteria, please send your resume over regardless so that we can keep you in mind for future opportunities. 



This is the role for you if you are highly skilled in Hydro Generation and/or power generation and love the challenge of high level/risk decision making. This role will involve management and mentoring so if you have strong interpersonal skills you'll be very successful with our client! This role has INCREDIBLE benefits plus a pension so if you're looking for some stability in these unprecedented times, this is the role for you. 


Location: Northern California



Must Haves:

  1. 20+ years’ experience in engineering, design, construction or regulatory project management
  2. 15+ years in generation or heavy industry project engineering and management
  3. Must have a PE (Professional Engineer) license in California
  4. Competency in maneuvering comfortably through complex policy, process, and people-related organizational dynamics


  1. PMP Project Management Professional certification
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
  3. Master’s Degree in Engineering or job-related discipline or equivalent experience
  4. Expert knowledge of power generating facility systems, structures, components, principles, and theories as needed to perform at the job level
  5. Knowledge of relevant federal, state, and local regulations and laws - for example FERC, NERC, CAISO, CPUC



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