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Software Engineering / Development
January 21, 2021
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The UI Engineer will join a top tech company's online store engineering team and be responsible for migration of a platform and extend it's functionalities into all AWS Platform.



- Designing and developing a web application using Vue JS, Jquery, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, SASS.
- Creating dashboard, analyze Online Store service logs and visualize in Senxor tool.
- Utilize Vue.js as the core framework to build and test the application; Work on various other parts like data base integration, unit and integration testing.
- Work on large scale, high performance JavaScript applications; Implement different layers like UI, services, backend database integration.
- Work on the UI/UX to develop wireframes and mockups and convert them into Vue components respectively; Work on internal component library (set of reusable components) built on top of Vue.
- Utilize the Flux architecture within the application. Leverage Vuex library to manage global state and mutations across components.
- Work with QA and operations team to test and deploy the application.
- Integrating the Vue components with RESTFUL web services by writing the axios calls.
- Participate in code reviews, code quality checks and follow style guides and best practices.
- Work on debugging by profiling, comparing snapshots and optimize overall performance.
- Develop a JavaScript API client to consume the REST API written In Spring MVC framework. Integrate the client across shared service to invoke ajax calls within components.
- Participate in team and standup meetings to discuss the status and roadmaps of features.
- Work in a fast-paced Agile environment alongside product owners, QA engineers and operation team to work and deliver features.


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