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Sep 16, 2022
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Project Manager IV-Contract. On-site or Remote-Redmond WA

Our client's Research Audio team is focused on two goals; creating virtual sounds that are perceptually indistinguishable from reality, and redefining human hearing. These two initiatives will allow to connect people by allowing them to feel together despite being physically apart, and allow them to converse in even the most difficult listening environments.

We are looking for a contract project manager to help conduct research on room acoustics and simulation as part of a team of project managers that support senior scientists, researchers, post-docs, and PhD student interns. An ideal candidate would have familiarity with some or all of the following areas: geometric and wave-based acoustic simulation techniques (e.g. ray tracing, BEM, FDTD, etc.), room acoustics, 3D Modeling, binaural audio technology, and auralization.

* Oversee and drive research projects to advance the science and technology of room acoustics and simulation
* Monitor problems, facilitate resolution, and implement changes as necessary to keep projects on track
* Regularly report on project progress, dependencies and risks to stakeholders
* Support research scientists and engineers within the team
* Manage procurement projects for equipment and vendor services
* Willingness to "roll up your sleeves" and take on operational tasks in support of the team's goals

* Work experience in research project management with a track record of successful project completion
* Interpersonal and communication skills, with strong attention to detail
* Proactive with ability to execute on multiple tasks simultaneously
* Ability to collaborate cross-functionally with team members and individuals throughout the broader organization
* Strong organizational and time management skills
* Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, (Audio) Engineering, Acoustics, Physics, or a related field

Bonus Qualifications
* Experience working in a fast-paced research and/or product development environment
* Experience with programming languages such as Matlab, Python, C++, Max/MSP or similar
* Experience with simulation technologies applied to acoustics research
* Experience working with simulation and associated workflows involving high-dimensional data of various types (e.g., 3D models, time series, synthetic data generation)

Role can be either onsite or remote

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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