Program Manager IV


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Sep 19, 2022
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Program Manager IV- Contract - Remote

We are searching for a Business Equity program manager that is passionate about serving strategic communities to accelerate their economic development via various programming efforts. By supporting the various aspects of the program team, you will enable teams to focus their time on designing, building and shipping products. You will improve team communication, collaboration, and remove roadblocks. Finally, you'll help keep our teams on track, execute specific initiatives intended to increase the teams impact, and you'll have an opportunity to work with cross-functional teams as you establish great ways of working together.

The Program Manager will provide critical assistance to the core Program Management Team on status of projects and information along with the following:
• Collaborative prioritization with Program Management Team
• Collect requirements and assigning tasks
• Track, analyze and communicate program risks and opportunities
• Keeping in close contact with key program members and decision makers, communicate with stakeholders
• Develop and maintain issue logs and identify key resolutions for issues/tasks at hand
• Track and report project progress, update documentation, direct quality assurance
• Create, maintain and monitor program activity reports, dashboards and metrics
• Create and monitor reports for program managers, proactively identifying and communicating potential issues with plan executions
• Collaborate frequently and closely with the team to ensure program activities and project tasks are executed on time
• Point of contact for stakeholders which may include both internal and external customers.
• Support program initiatives that have multiple stakeholders and many moving parts and that improve program team efficiency and impact
• Collect and record impact of programs and initiatives both qualitatively and quantitatively
• Collaborate cross-functionally with the core team and various vendors to ensure smooth execution of program initiatives
• Support the management team with effective team communication, proactive problem solving, information distribution
• Develop program communication that build program awareness and support, as directed by the team
• Support and execute activities that build team culture and community, team values and trust, and help individuals tie their work back to our client's mission

• Experience with Microsoft Excel and Word. General data entry skills or related experience
• Hands-on experience using Project Management Tools (Asana,, etc.)
• Experience with reviewing, editing, and presenting dashboards and reports to management team
• Independent, driven, eager to learn, and share information with other team members
• Effectively collaborate schedules and meetings using tools such as Outlook, Calendar, Office 365, MS Project, Salesforce etc
• Ability keep up in a fast paced dynamic environment
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Owns tasks that contribute to the greater team and proactively chooses the best problems to focus on and solve.

• Bachelors Degree
• Project Management certification a plus

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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