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Global Marketing Manager: 

 • Denver, CO based (hybrid working model)

Our client is the leading digital transformation and ERP software technology agnostic and independent consulting company. We are hiring an experienced Marketing Manager to help manage our global digital branding and marketing asset development / distribution. If you're dedicated and ambitious, with an entrepreneurial spirit, 



Responsibilities for Global Marketing Manager


• Responsible for managing brand content development and distribution across global digital marketing channels

• Oversee a content production team's creation, organization, storage, and distribution

• Develop a web content strategy that optimizes user experience and lead generation initiatives 

• Manage the daily activities such as copywriting, graphic design, video production, thought leadership content development, and more

• Optimize content for SEO initiatives and support sales development assets 

• Coordinate content development with company executive thought leaders and brand spokesperson

• Analyze platform metrics to ensure content engagement and overall data-driven strategic approach

• Stay well-informed of current industry trends and global audience interest 

• Lead marketing initiatives to promote brand quality and industry knowledge 

• Work closely with Global stakeholders and sales team to ensure content development strategies support enterprise sales process 

• Maintain consistencies of visual, voice, and tone for all content channels and assets



Qualifications for Global Marketing Manager


• At least 2-5 years of agency experience or in a similar role

• Hyper-organized in enterprise assets management, distribution, and interview coordination

• Extremely strong writing and copywriting skills

• Ability to form fresh ideas for new content that establishes or supports the company's brand identity

• Expertise with using SEO best practices to write creative copy that includes effective keyword placement

• Advanced written communication and cross-department coordination skills

• Experience with social media engagement strategies and best practices

• Strong skills in creating original content that targets a specific audience and meets company objectives

• Basic technical knowledge of MS Office, WordPress, and HubSpot

• Previous experience locating, hiring, and managing freelance contractors that are a part of the content development network. 

• Nice to have, multi-lingual (Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.)




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