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West Palm Beach
Product Management / Marketing Systems
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Sep 6, 2022
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Imagine using your skills to build products that impact the financial outcomes of people from all walks of life. Almost every person will work with a wealth advisor at some point in life, whether they are planning for retirement, saving for college, and planning for a rainy day. With so much riding on what we build, we're looking for a Product Manager to focus on our trading technologies and market data applications to help SmartX create a better financial future for everyone. 

As a key driver of our product development process, our Product Manager will work to help us build solutions for the trade operations teams, both internal to SmartX and the external teams inside our enterprise customers, to streamline their trading processes and operations and improve their end-customer experience in the process. You’ll work closely with our Trade Operations and Support teams to understand the existing challenges and collaborate with our Product and Engineering teammates to develop a roadmap to solve the most important problems first. Most importantly, you will be working directly with current and prospective clients to understand their goals and pain points. We are looking for individuals who are naturally empathetic and collaborative, technical in nature, and can dig deep to discover the right solution for the right problem. 

SmartX is growing rapidly (10x in 2020), and we need creative problem solvers to help us continue to scale. If you are looking for interesting challenges, an opportunity to grow your career, and work that impacts the lives of everyday people, we’d love to speak with you. 


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