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Localization / Linguistics
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The role requires native speaker status and good knowledge of the culture. Candidates must be highly knowledgeable in phonetics and phonology—able to read and write IPA, classify speech sounds by their linguistic features, and accurately describe the phonotactics of their language. Familiarity working directly with the speech signal (e.g. via spectograms) is a plus. A successful VB Linguist will be able to analyze large amounts of linguistic data, report findings in a clear and concise manner, and use those findings to make recommendations for future work.

Candidates should be comfortable navigating the command line, running and debugging scripts written in python, using version control software (e.g. Git), and writing regular expressions. Preference given to linguists with strong programming skills and a background in Machine Learning. The most successful candidates will be self-directed and have experience working on diverse, cross-functional teams.

Key Qualifications


B.S. in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Phonetics or professional experience in related field


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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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