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UI-UX Research / Design / Development
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Jan 19, 2022
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This person will be responsible for recruiting research participants for user experience studies and guiding researchers through the recruitment process. Studies that this person will recruit for include onsite visits to our Seattle office, remote studies via the web, as well as studies in the U.S. and abroad. The Participant Recruiter will work closely with UX researchers to make sure all specifications are being met, and all participants are being properly documented. Being proactive, self-directed, and the ability to move fast and adapt quickly in situations is essential in this role. All work will happen from Seattle. Travel is not required. This is a contract position.

-Partner with UX researchers to define scope and recruiting. specifications for Reality Labs user research projects across Quest, Portal, Ray-Ban Stories, and more.
-Manage end-to-end participant recruiting process for multiple UX -Research projects at a time including sourcing, screening, distributing and collecting NDAs, scheduling, processing compensation.
-Coordinate logistics for the quality participant experience and ensure all necessary legal and financial obligations are met.
-Communicate with participants about logistical details and steering them through the research process.
-Consistently communicating clearly and often to provide recruitment timelines and updates, while maintaining documentation of participants to research teams and cross-functional partners.

-3+ years of experience with research participant recruiting
-Experience working in or with User Research, Research Operations, and/or Program Management preferred
-Demonstrated experience in building relationships with cross-functional partners
-Demonstrated ability to be detail-oriented, and have strong organizational skills
-Verbal and written communication skills, negotiation skills, customer service and interpersonal skills
-Strong ability to prioritize multiple assignments at the same time
-Strong ability to work effectively in a highly team-based environment and adapt to changing priorities
-Strong ability to work independently and manage one’s time
-Experience with B2B recruitment strategies preferred
-Experience with using online collaborative document/spreadsheet tools
-Experience with scheduling and calendar management tools

-BA/BS Degree or equivalent work experience required

-Must have strong skills in project management and ability to prioritize multiple assignments based on urgency/needs.
-Must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
-Must be detail-orientated and strong organizational skills to maintain projects.
-Be able to adapt and work in ambiguous situations at times – be a problem solver in situations.
-Works to collaborate with team members well.
-Proactive and takes initiative.
-Great time management skills.

o HR recruiting (handling with employment management only)
o Quantitative researchers aim to pursue researcher roles
o No years of experiences within recruiting or participant recruiting


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