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March 22, 2022
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Calling Open Source developers, especially in Geospatial (GeoNetwork, GeoServer, Mapnik) and AWS DevOps environments (NodeJS in serverless, Docker, CI/CD). If you want to work on some of the biggest geospatial platforms creating developer stack components that will impact the nation, this position may be for you. We need a highly motivated solution architect type (or aspiring application architect looking to grow) who in the first month on a new Federal client, can ramp-up quickly into supporting tasks in the sprint cycle. 

We’re looking for a lead developer who enjoys open source, geospatial (e.g. FOSS4G) component re-use and expanding on libraries, cloud development, growing under solution architects, and coaching others.

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About Xentity

We are a fast-growing data consulting and support services firm - focused on large data programs in data types such as geospatial, open, big, and IoT data. Check out to learn about our focus, services, clients, missions, values as well as our excellent benefits package and career information.

We have high profile clients and projects that our staff really deliver for, as well enjoy knowing they make a large difference.

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