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Data Science Analyst

Data Analysis / Data Engineering / BI
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Our Government and Large Commercial high-profile clients are high-tech organizations with programs in science, technology, engineering and math. For these positions, they are asking for us to provide data analysts that are passionate about transforming and making data usable for new services, business models, and to help economic development. We are looking for people that believe data is the new gold.

We are looking for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists with excellent leadership, technical, and subject matter expertise qualities.  We have projects lining up developing research-grade science data algorithms from in-situ sensors to bringing together data sources from disparate sub-agencies into enterprise platforms to make available on open-data platforms. 

Position Requirements:

You will be expected to rapidly ramp-up on client lingo, proactively make observations of patterns, anomalies, problems, and be customer service focused. You will be expected to be highly self-motivated and understand you will be held accountable to commitments. We look for decisive individuals able to rapidly respond to change requests and able to communicate, track, and escalate risk. We expect you to be proactive, efficient, and ready to learn quickly in response to all client and team member needs. This is a bootcamp-type position setup for growth.



About Xentity

We are a fast-growing data consulting and support services firm - focused on large data programs in data types such as geospatial, open, big, and IoT data. Check out www.xentity.com to learn about our focus, services, clients, missions, values as well as our excellent benefits package and career information.

We have high profile clients and projects that our staff really deliver for, as well enjoy knowing they make a large difference.

Xentity is an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) company and SBA certified small disadvantaged business 

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Data Science Analyst






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