OMS Analyst (functional)

San Jose
Systems / Business Analysis
December 15, 2021
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Organization/Environment Overview:
The EOM Analyst is expected to participate in various activities throughout the systems development lifecycle. The primary role of the analyst will be to closely align with business stakeholders to elicit, analyze and document customer needs into well-organized business requirements that technical individuals can comprehend.
The EOM analyst would be playing a role in OMS Upgrade to SaaS Platform. Currently works on Manhattan OMS 14.0 and is working to upgrade to MANH Active Omni (almost complete but final piece is customer service (customer engagement) and digital self service. transitioning Sept/Oct 2022
Team would be comprising of an OMS manager, OMS Lead, Senior Analyst, Business analyst and 2 OMS Analysts.



Day to day: 

Issue Triage and resolution.

Provide support to Customer Service and Business Teams

Monitor the flow of eCommerce orders within OMS/MAO

Participating in Meetings with Business Teams to understand new Business requirements

Assist in QA, Integration , Performance and Acceptance testing.


Developing Playbook to record SOP’s/Resolution steps for help desk Team



Must Have Skills: 

  1. Minimum 3-5 years of work experience with Order management Solutions (Preferably Manhattan OMS) or similar Competing Products. 
  2. Experience on working in areas of Order and inventory Flow, Inventory Segmentation, Allocation and Fulfillment.
  3. Experience working with API’s, XML/XSLT’s and JSON (everything is microservices bc on cloud based platform)
  4. Understanding of relational databases and SQL Query fundamentals to support Required data analysis.
  5. Ability to create playbooks for help desk support users to follow.
  6. Understanding of Integration Concepts and Various OMS Integrations to internal and external systems.
  7. Working Knowledge of Postman and collections to update and test configurations.
  8. Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skill

Nice to have skills:

  1. Working knowledge of Warehouse Management and fulfillment
  2. Experience with Cloud Platform GCP/Azure
  3. Understanding of Direct Consumer Shipping, BOPIS and Ship from Store Functionalities.
  4. Ability to create playbooks for help desk support users to follow.
  5. Understanding of Omni channel Concepts
  6. Familiarity with MANH Active Omni is a plus.




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