Loss Control Engineer

Newton County
Data Center
November 2, 2021
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Coordinate and provide direction, training, and mentoring to onsite construction teams and internal stakeholders to implement effective safety measures
Perform risk assessments on retrofit projects including generation of safe work execution plans
Collaborate with our internal teams to monitor the safety programs on project sites and maintain a good working relationship to facilitate zero incidents
Facilitate incident investigation, RCA, and reporting for corrective actions
Be actively engaged in maintaining cross functional relationships to foster cooperation and enhance safety endeavors
Ensure internal processes are followed and align expectations on delivery timelines
In conjunction with internal stakeholders develop robust safety processes and standards to enable efficiency and effectiveness along with leading effective cross-functional communications
Work in conjunction with team’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) to understand the safety and quality control impacts of new designs, materials, and construction methods·



Experience working in a mission critical environment and awareness of proactive safety methodologies
Experience working within a comprehensive safety program.
Demonstrated success in implementation of Environmental Health & Safety enhancement programs.
Proven ability to partner with team members and contractors to implement change.
Must hold sufficient industry knowledge to understand the design and deployment of technical electrical and mechanical systems as related to data center construction processes.
Strong understanding of standard practices in the design and construction industry, including knowledge of fast-track design-build process and associated documents and contracts.
Familiar with ground-up construction and greenfield site development requirements.
Familiar with retrofit projects in live mission-critical environments or occupied spaces.
Must be proficient with MS Project, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Certifications recognized by Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Certified Safety Professional (CSP) or Construction Safety and Health Technician (CHST) preferred.


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