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Mar 22, 2022
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Agile Project Manager - Denver, Co area

Are you an organizer and communicator who thrives on bringing together talented people and enabling them to do amazing things together? Do you want to be part of shaping and growing a wildly successful business, having your input valued on company culture and values, vision and purpose, process, and goals? Would you like to work in an environment where your reward is clearly connected to your performance and contribution, where the challenges are significant but the opportunity is great?

We seek a Project Manager with a balanced focus on Quality Controls and Agile Project Management.

Quality Controls is 30% including Risk Management, Facilitation, Client Management, Status Reporting, Maintaining Scheduling, Analyzing Hours/Burns, Mitigating Risks
- Proactively manage issues and risks and clear obstacles to team success
- Manage change to balance scope, schedule, budget to optimize results
- Coordinate multiple projects across various divisions and various leadership
- Provide the management to help our data and client leadership move their innovative, transformation, and/or efficiency efforts forward.
- Coordinate Meeting/Milestone Review Logistics
- Lead Project Quality Controls (PMP needs: Risk, meeting cadences, reporting, quarterly reviews)
- Creative is Risk Lifecycle of mitigation, triage, and facilitating creative adjustments

Agile Project Management is 40% with managing and leading agile ceremonies (Planning, Scrums, Reviews, Demos, Retros, SAFe Roadmap) and managing Agile PM Tools
- Ensure clear project purpose, objectives, and value proposition with team and client stakeholders
- Manage web project management toolsets to help coordinate tasks, issues, risks
- Work with Senior executive to achieve definition and delivery of key transition milestones
- Strong Meeting facilitator, fast notetaking, rapidly translate notes to action items (kanban/scrum)
- Identify, track, and assign action items, dates and task owners
- Maintain documents Google Workspace or O365/Sharepoint Project Areas

Supervisory and Mentoring is 30% to invest, advocate, and establish and support goals of staff aligned to their motivators while monitoring and encouraging engagement.
- Find the right balance between coordinating and tracking technical staff and enabling, but not 'over-processing' senior management and executives.
- Manage and resolve interpersonal and project conflicts


Bachelor's degree in related field
3 to 5 years of Agile PM experience as Software Dev Scrum Master
2 years Project Management (Non Scrum)
Tech: JIRA, Google Workspace or MS Office365
Preferred: PMP/PMI-ACP certified (If not, we will sponsor first year)
Experience in similar project size: 10 person distributed technical team, Large Government or Enterprise
Job Goal: 

First 30 days: Familiarization with the existing contract. Establish Agile Controls. Establish Quality Controls
Introduction to key project players at client, other agencies, key partners. Completed hand-off with current project PM.
First 60 days: Executed Quality Controls. Coordinate overall communication plan. Run Agile Lifecycle (sprint plans, scrums, QA, retrospectives).
First 90 days: Conduct quarterly task order reviews. Assist solutions architect and software engineers in backlog maintenance.
Minimum Key Leadership or Management Competencies: 

Strong client and team relationship experience - Shows understanding, enthusiasm, courtesy, tact, empathy; develops and maintains relationships; deals with difficult people; relates well to people from varied backgrounds; is sensitive to individual differences. 
Understands how to give and receive feedback in a professional manner.
Sets well-defined and realistic personal goals; displays a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments in a timely manner; works with minimal supervision; is motivated to achieve; demonstrates responsible behavior. 
Strong communicator - Expresses information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information; makes concise, clear and convincing presentations, listens to others; attends to nonverbal cues. 
Must be able to rapidly context switch across subject matter, communication and architecture products, and stakeholder audiences. 
Golden, CO - partial on-site work preferred post Covid


We emphasize a balance of work and life and target 40-50 hour weeks with ample time to refresh with great paid-time off.
Salary & Bonus Programs - Competitive Salary. Multiple Recognition and Rewards Bonus Programs (Performance Bonus plan reviewed twice annually - total ranging from 2-5% of salary and Business Development Bonus Plan, Employee Referral Bonus Plan, and Company Profit Sharing Plan). 
Paid Time off - Self Managed Time Off Including 11 Paid Holidays
Medical Insurance - Coverage for Major Medical and Surgical, Medical Health Care, Dependents’ Health Care with 100% of employee or 80% employee and 50% family. Options to enroll in Dental Insurance, Vision Discount Program, Prescription Discount Program, Group Term Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, and Professional insurance advisors to guide employees through these benefits as needed. 
Solid, managed retirement savings plan including - Multiple 401(k) funds with traditional and Roth options, Company paid fees, Company Match, Third-party Trust Management with personalized retirement portfolio web analysis tools.

About Xentity

We are a fast-growing data consulting and support services firm - focused on large data programs in data types such as geospatial, open, big, and IoT data. We have high profile clients and projects that our staff really delivery for, as well enjoy knowing they make a large difference.

Our President has a vision to continue to focus on solutions that transform the Next Generation. Using data integration, knowledge solutions, and amazing increases in computing to impact energy, geosciences, land management, we can bring quality and simplifications to existing and new data flow! Imagine being on a team that brings advanced concepts like high performance computing, AI, data science, fuzzy logic, changing interfaces human-computer points mobile or augmented reality and many more disruptions. This truly can put the I back in IT and GIS.... by concentrating on pragmatic knowledge-first data designs, leadership and management, and the all too forgotten focus on outreach and engagement strategies and solutions.

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