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Sep 12, 2022
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The GIS Specialist shall conduct the following work in support of Enterprise Geospatial Programs. 


The GIS Specialist shall conduct the following work in support of Enterprise Geospatial Programs:
- Support Data sharing and GIS/data management activities
- Develop business requirements and translate to technical requirements for geospatial products, data requirements, geospatial web services, and geospatial web applications (e.g., Story maps, Experience, and Web App Builder)
- Build and maintenance of configurable and custom geospatial web applications, including story maps, web app builder, and experiences
- Management of portals, ArcGIS online, ArcGIS Enterprise Services, geospatial files, file geodatabases and enterprise geodatabase (e.g. PostGIS, Sql Server)
- Work with Task Manager and Data steward in the preparation of ArcGIS Server Map and feature services including configuration of mxd and / or aprx
- Modify capabilities and configuration of existing ArcGIS Server GIS services as requested by Task Manager and Data Steward
- Publish data, geospatial web services, metadata, web maps and web applications, and project related products from these environments using ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and Web Portals and Web Applications.
- Build ArcGIS Hub sites and curate content libraries and content groups available in the environment
- Maintain project documentation, and review, create and maintain metadata to quality to specifications
- Develop spatial models and document existing models so lay users can understand how to use them
- Generate digital map products 
- Coordinate and conduct the review of geospatial data products as directed


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