DevOps Engineer

Phoenix, Arizona
DevOps/Big Data
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Must Have:
1. Must have a strong DevOps backround and have automated using either Puppet or Chef

2. Must have a solid AWS(Amazon Web Services) background, specifically be able to deploy and monitor AWS.

3. Must have monitoring experience with PostGres(PostgreSQL)
1. The ability to set up a virtual private cloud

This is for a financial/tech startup based in San Francisco that built a technology to expand access and choice among the customer banks and credit union decline. They are in the process of building out their data infrastructure and need a DevOps engineer to help with the automation process to help support a team of data scientists. This company does not yet have a dedicated DevOps Engineer to help with automating deployments and monitoring AWS . It is essential that this person has strong communication because they will be working cross-functionally across the company.

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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