Senior Systems Engineer

Los Angeles, California
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Why is this resource needed? What business problem are they coming in to solve?

This senior systems engineer will be focused on automation, improving, integrating and maintaining client facing infrastructure. S/he will be responsible for expediting deployments and administrative tasks.



What technologies and tools are they going to leverage to solve or contribute to the Why?


Must Have:

  1.  5+ years of experience as a Systems Engineer within a 24x7 Linux environment.
    1. Configuring, troubleshooting and tuning Linux Virtual Hosts.
  2. Automation expertise for expediting deployment and administrative tasks
    1. Jenkins and/or Puppet automation tools
    2. Python and/or Bash programming languages
    3. Splunk and/or New Relic monitoring tools
  3. Experience with core security implementations: SSL/TLS, firewalls, ssh
  4. Understanding of networking concepts and DNS



  1. virtualization/ middle tier administration and operation 

D2D:  This Senior Systems Engineer will be focused on automating systems for expediting deployment and administrative tasks. S/he will be the main point of contact for all systems related needs and mentor other systems engineer in automation and scripting methodologies. S/he will be configuring, troubleshooting and tuning Linux virtual hosts and learning, using, and performance tuning application diagnostic systems.

Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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