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Los Angeles, California
DevOps/Big Data
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Why is this resource needed? What business problem are they coming in to solve?

The Sr AWS Cloud Engineer will join the Customer Systems organization, and be responsible for the migration of 4-5 Java-based applications to AWS cloud solution.



What technologies and tools are they going to leverage to solve or contribute to the Why?


Must Have:

  1. 7+ years of DevOps experience, specifically developing distributed services deployed on premise and on cloud-based platforms
  2. 2+ years of AWS cloud experience
    1. Strong understanding of VPCs, Subnets, EC2s, and routing
    2. Experience utilizing AWS Compute, storage, IoT, and developer tools
    3. Experience architecting end to end cloud solutions for complex, enterprise applications
  3. Experience with Kubernetes in a EC2 environment
  4. Java programming experience



  1. Experience with GCP and/or Azure


D2D: The Sr AWS Cloud Engineer will be responsible for the migration of 4-5 Java-based applications to AWS cloud solution. The ideal candidate will have previous experience doing a migration and will bring their AWS expertise into the team. They will use a quantitative approach (modeling, iterative prototyping, analysis, and tools) to architect and develop robust secure high-performance cloud services that meet demanding experience goals. They should have proven ability to influence cross-functional architects and software development teams to define architecture.

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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