Javascript Engineer

San Jose, California
Software Engineering/Development
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Candidate will be joining the Localization team. The Engineer will be joining a team to build an advanced pattern recognition engine to extract content from structured documents in various languages using JavaScript and Regular Expressions.

Must Have: 

1.        B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or professional experience in related field (i.e. Software Engineering)

a.       Recent hands-on development experience with JavaScript and web development technologies

2.        Experience using Regular Expressions (RegEx)



  1. Basic understanding of Natural Language Processing(NLP) or Machine Learning(ML)
  2. Experience with JavaScript MVC framework
  3. iOS or OSX development skills 

D2D: Candidate will be responsible for bringing new languages to the client’s voice recognition software. The ideal candidate will be a foreign language expert with software development skills. This position offers the opportunity to perform software engineering specific to translation of the client’s voice recognition software into foreign languages. This is an opportunity to have a major impact on the design and implementation of the next generation of localization and translation technologies used in the production of the client’s cloud-based services.


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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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