Mobile Solutions Engineer

San Jose, California
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Must Have:
1. 3+ years of experience designing and creating Mobile solutions
a. For both iOS and Android
b. Must have experience working with business teams directly to understand needs and create end to end Mobile solutions
2. Expertise with Airwatch MDM (mobile device management)
a. Must be able to build out solutions within the console.
1. Experience with rugged devices and/or WinMobile or Windows 10 Mobile

2. Previous airline experience and/or management of mobile printing solutions from vendors such as IER, Zebra, Intermec, Custom America

D2D: This person will be joining this growing team to support the increasing demand for mobile solutions within the organization’s operations. This person will be working directly with the business team to understand their requirements, analyze those requirements and recommend technologies, and the design & build solution to be passed on to the development teams. They will be responsible for conducting proofs of concepts, coordinating user acceptance testing of new solutions, and preparing detailed documentations of all engineered work and solutions. This is a highly collaborative and solutions oriented role. This person must comfortable with constant client interaction and heavily documentation processes.

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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