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This team is absorbing the responsibility of L2 support for GxP applications. They need an additional resource with Admin application access to assist the Sr. Support Engineer in ticket remediation. They are taking on 4 GxP applications this month but that list will continue to change and grow and therefore, so will the responsibilities of the role. They will report to and work closely with the Sr. Support Engineer and the IT Manager.


Must Haves:

  1.  2-4 years of experience supporting enterprise-level, scientific applications in corporate setting
    1. GxP experience
  2. Admin experience for applications within a lab setting
  3. Experience with ticketing systems
    1. ServiceNow
  4. Experience with Windows Server and desktop operating systems
  5. Exposure to validated environments, change management, and regulatory agency compliance
    1. Ideally FDA
  6. Basic understanding of IT systems development life-cycle (SDLC)
  7. Ambitious and highly motivated; comfortable with frequent change
  8. Experience writing/revising SOP’s for applications (ex: how to use, how to troubleshoot different issues, etc)



  1. Experience with any of their specific systems: LabWare, Moda, Empower, SoftMaxPro
  2. Identity/access management experience
  3. SQL experience
  4. Exposure to VMWare virtualization


Day to Day responsibilities:

Most of this person’s day will be spent resolving GxP application tickets for applications through ServiceNow. The four applications they will be supporting are Labware LIMS, Moda, Empower, and SoftMax Pro. This role will be heavily user facing but communication will occur via email. In the future, this person will absorb responsibilities for onboarding applications (including writing work instructions and run books) as well as change control and SDLC activities.

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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