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Austin, Texas
Software Engineering/Development
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Why is this resource needed? What business problem are they coming in to solve?

The iOS Engineer will join the Retail team and be responsible for developing test cases for UI Automation for four different iOS apps used by the retail store employees.



What technologies and tools are they going to leverage to solve or contribute to the Why?


Must Have:

  1. 2+ years of experience developing enterprise-level iOS applications with Swift and Objective-C
  2. Experience supporting source code with Xcode
  3. Experience using Git as a code repository



  1. QE and/or QA experience
  2. UI Automation experience



The iOS Engineer will be responsible for developing test cases for UI Automation for iOS apps used by the retail store employees: an app that shows all the pricing for products in the store, an inventory management app, an app where corporate publishes new layouts/maps that show visual specialists how to rearrange the stores, and a security solution for the demo products in the store. 


Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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