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Software Engineering/Development
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Experience Level: 7-10 years technical background and 5-6 years directly related web engineering experience.

• Acts in a high-level technical role by consulting with client and IT management in the resolution of highly complex, technical problems involving creation of Web sites and e-commerce applications and their integration into the existing computer systems.
• Upgrades and maintains the systems that employ scalable, advanced technologies and methods to integrate Web systems with existing systems, enabling the creation of new Web enterprises or expanding existing business onto the Web.
• Tracks the development and implementation of the Web application systems support infrastructure for e-commerce, Web-based customer support and Web interfaces to databases.
• Directs gathering statistics to assist in determining hardware requirements and communication bandwidth to support projected transaction volumes and response time and system availability targets.
• Typically acts as a project/team lead

Role Description

• The new candidate will work closely in Build Engineering practices area and work with the development teams to understand and support builds, environments and integration requirements for applications developed at WFIS and in ISD (Internet Services Development), validate builds/environment in SIT (System Integration Testing), and facilitate rolling out Builds and Environment changes to other environments.

• The candidates are expected to provide technical guidance and consultation for web systems Builds & Environments.
• Leads projects associated with web and/or e-commerce application installations, upgrades and deployments including designing and testing multiple tier servers to meet growth or user requirements and assures existing systems are not negatively impacted.
• Consults with web developers and management and recommends web configurations. Analyzes performance statistics and determines hardware and communication tools needed to support projected transaction volumes, response time and system availability targets.

Minimum Experience
- 7-10 years technical background and 5-6 years directly related web engineering experience.

Required Profile
- 5+ years of software configuration management experience is required. Build and deployment experience using any version control software (preferably ClearCase) including experience with project concurrency and complex version-control branching models.
- 3+ years experience in building, deploying and integrating Java-based web applications in a UNIX Environment is required, including exposure to J2EE architecture (especially BEA Web Logic), working as Build Leads with hands-on experience on Ant/Maven, in a commercial setting.
- 2+ years of experience working with BEA Web Logic Administration or Developer level experience.
- Excellent working knowledge in Unix/Solaris is required.
- Ability to analyze and troubleshoot in a 3 tier J2EE application environment on UNIX.
- Willingness to mentor, have strong analytical, technical documentation, and excellent business communication skills are required.
- Must demonstrate solid understanding of SDLC and change control processes.

Desired Skills
- Experience in web-services integration using AXIS or XML Beans
- Working experience with SUN N1SPS is a big plus
- Experience with AntHillPro or any Build tools
- Experience with Shell and/or Perl scripting

• This is an engineer type, not a developer or an architect.
• Hands-on experience is more critical than design skills.
• However, our shop follows a RUP project methodology, and we use UML extensively to document project and deployment designs, so experience with same will be helpful.

Platform and Skill Set Expertise:
Web Development : Java, UNIX, SQL, iPlanet, EJB / J2EE, Perl

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Apply for “Sr. Java Engineer” position

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