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Ways to Demonstrate Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

February 20, 2021

There are many benefits to having a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is important to note that having a diverse team is just the first step to committing to Diversity and Inclusion. Actively addressing and taking action towards inclusivity is where the real impact begins.

By presenting better opportunities for personal and professional growth, diverse teams feel included and in return perform better. Diverse teams are better positioned to bring new ideas to the table that drive market growth. There is a link between diversity and innovation revenue, which is why now more than ever, companies are actively committing to making progress in diversity in tech.

Below is a list of ways to demonstrate commitment to D&I through communication, action, and accountability:



        - Acknowledge religious and cultural holidays celebrated by the organization’s employees

         - All gender friendly bathrooms

         - Use gender neutral language throughout company materials

         - Ensure events include drink options for non-alcohol drinkers

         - Provide necessary toiletries in bathrooms (i.e. tampons, pads)

         - Provide nursing rooms for mothers



In order to form a sustainable commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, organizations need to focus on communication, actions, and accountability. Communicate your goals and measure progress along the way. Set high diversity expectations, but always admit what you don’t know, ask questions, and welcome discussions and feedback to improve Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging across all industries. 

Advantis Global has committed to Diversity and Inclusion and formed the Advantis Diversity Council. The council is focused on creating a more inclusive place where our employees can bring their full selves to work.

Learn more about our commitment to a Diverse and Inclusive workforce.
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