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Team Building In Today's Virtual Reality

Author: Susana Arellano
Wora Iddhibhakdibongse
May 7, 2020

From one week to another our team shifted from an office environment to working remotely from home. While following the nation's guidance to flatten the curve on COVID-19 and remain socially distant, it is still necessary we continue to engage with our teams on an everyday basis.

The fact that our teams are now distant from one another adds an additional layer of complexity for our leaders. We all know high performing teams achieve success by having frequent conversations and productive communication. Your staff wants to hear from you during these changes, keep the lines of communication open with virtual hangouts and activities.

Check out these simple activities our employees are loving:

AM Check Ins

Increase effective communication

By starting your day with a morning team call your team will have a chance to share their daily plan and ask questions with a fresh mind. This gives you the opportunity to share reminders and tips for working from home. Encourage them to utilize your favorite drive where the team can collectively share files, track changes and updates. This check-in sets the tone for the day. By making sure everyone is heard and questions are answered you reassure your involvement and their accountability for the day.

Work Out Together

Increase group productivity

Think outside the box by planning a short workout break with your team to enhance motivation. Jump onto Zoom at a designated time and follow an online workout video!

Many instructors and gyms are offering free at-home workout videos to accommodate in this virtual world. Here are some of our favorite options:


YMCA 360: On-Demand Videos

Orangetheory at-home workouts

Restorative Yoga

Virtual Happy Hour

Learn more about your team members on a personal and professional level

Quarantini anyone? We’re a social bunch and love a great happy hour! So encouraging our teams to show up on Zoom with their favorite drink has been both refreshing and exciting.

What is a virtual happy hour? It’s exactly what it may sound like it is. Choose a platform, create a meeting time, and send out the invites. Then, gather together with a libation or a snack, and catch up - from across town, or across the world.

Our CFO, Shaun Porter has added a fun approach to this weekly event, he has everyone share a big win of the week and set a goal of improvement for the next.

The conversations are authentic, encouraging and uplifting! Having some structure to a virtual happy hour is strongly recommended so that all attendees are sure to participate and be engaged.

Virtual Trivia or Game Night  

Increase the rapport and cohesiveness of team members

Ok these are actually fun!

Organize teams, have your managers or CEO jump on and be the moderator like we did, and have fun! We all need to relax from watching the news, and what better way than with a little competition, virtually.

Question of the Day: What made you smile today?

Encourage team members to join in

One of our branches ends the day with a very simple question, what made you smile today? And all team members share what made them smile in a team email or you can use a slack/teams channel. A simple way to end the day on a high note.  

The important thing to remember for everyone is that physical distancing does not need to mean a lack of connection. There’s still lots of ways to stay social and stay in touch with those we love. We just are learning to be more creative about it.

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