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Recruiting Trends Taking Shape in 2021

February 4, 2021

As companies establish a hybrid workforce to accommodate onsite and remote work, recruiters have kept up with the times by optimizing the interviewing and candidate experience. Recruiting companies have refined the virtual hiring process and proven they can run efficiently in a virtual environment.

We’ve put together a list of recruiting trends taking shape in 2021:

Recruiting Trend #1 - Virtual Recruiting Responsibilities

Virtual recruiting is set to become the new standard and for most companies it’s likely going to be a hybrid of in-person and virtual. By transitioning to a virtual process, recruiters have gained new responsibilities:

- Recruiters will lead the transition to remote work: Recruiters are the first point of contact and set the scene for the organization of the entire hiring process.

- Bigger talent pools to choose from: A bigger talent pool means sorting through a greater variety of qualified candidates, this will increase productivity and retention.

- Recruiting will become an ever-changing field: Recruiters will need a high level of personal development to constantly adapt for the needs of the business.

- More work culture research: Recruiters will need to do in-depth research on companies in order to communicate to candidates what the company is doing to support employees, clients, and communities in times of crisis.

Recruiting Trend #2 - Stance on Social Issues

Recruiters will take a more empathetic approach in their outreach, become more attentive in their method, and understanding of what candidates are going through for a more humanist experience.  

More candidates and customers will look for companies that speak up and take strong stances on social issues. As a result, recruiting leaders will continue to improve the way they promote employer branding. In the past, recruiters have focused on promoting company’s products, unique benefits, and office amenities in trendy marketing materials - that will change in 2021. Recruiters will focus on publicizing what the company is doing to support employees, customers, and most importantly the community.

Recruiting Trend #2 - Diversity and Inclusion

With the global transition to remote work, recruiters have an added responsibility for identifying and bringing a wide diversity of candidates into the talent pool for companies to choose from. Building a strong diverse talent pool is a long-term strategy to successfully fill positions and an effective method of talent acquisition.

Without a doubt there is still much work to be done to reduce bias in the workplace. Recruiters play a big part in reducing bias by restructuring hiring processes. Starting from the top, they are responsible to build diverse interview panels, and use data-driven reporting as accountability to ensure diversity goals are being met.

Advantis Global recognizes the importance of constantly perfecting the recruiting processes to fit the times and sets standards in recruiting trends. In a competitive labor market, every step in the hiring process counts. Our team represents a professional organization that is transparent and prioritizes communication, and diversity. The collective experience is crucial to attracting and retaining the best talent.

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