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How to Thrive in Tech Recruiting as a Non-Technical Person

Author: Susana Arellano
Susana Arellano
February 19, 2020

As someone who wouldn’t consider themselves a high-level technologist, getting in the Information Technology Recruiting space can seem quite intimidating at first. With ranges of titles, to figuring out what SCRUM, JAVA, Python are and knowing endless coding skillsets, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick all the tech terminology up as a non-techie person in the recruiting world.  

Luckily, our expert recruiters at Advantis Global, have provided their top tips on overcoming the tech imposter syndrome and share how Advantis Global prepares you to succeed in IT Recruiting without being a tech-pro right off the bat.  

Our CEO, Dan Pollock, always reminds us that he hires smart people, so we’re fully capable of our roles, and there’s always opportunity to educate yourself on the role you are working on and succeed at it!

Perserve Past Imposter Syndrome

Scott Bruman, Advantis Director of Operations, encourages us all to persevere past imposter syndrome.  

When you start out in technical recruiting it’s natural to feel overwhelmed with what you don’t know.  It’s easy to feel like you don’t know enough about tech to be a good recruiter.  That’s ok.  But don’t let that feeling stop you from progressing.  If you’re out of your comfort zone, that means you’re learning. And that is a good thing.  Keep learning.  You will be amazed one day when you suddenly realize just how far you’ve progressed and what a valuable resource you’ve become to clients and candidates alike.

As a novice recruiter you also don’t have to know everything before you talk with clients.  

Pro Tip:  hiring managers don’t expect you to know everything, but they do expect you to be honest and to be valuable.  Sometimes the right answer is “I don’t know, but I will find out and get back to you”.  

Use Your Interpersonal Skills

Our San Francisco Sales Manager, Hala Murphy, encourages her teams to use their interpersonal skills they were hired for and CHAT.

The best way to learn tech if you weren’t trained or educated in the field is to get on the phone and ask questions of those who have lived it. If you’re feeling like you want to know more about the tech stacks you are sourcing on, use your best friends Google and YouTube.

Hala reiterated the importance of interpersonal skills and that between your own research and asking thoughtful questions to your candidates, you’ll be a tech fountain of knowledge before you know it.

Scott also addressed how Advantis uses a different approach, we first focus on being an expert at relationships, not at technology. Over time you will become more knowledgeable about various technology platforms and jargon, but from Day 1 the most important key to your success in Technical Recruiting is not technical, it’s knowing how to build trust and develop good relationships with people.  Good recruiting begins with empathy and the ability to uncover what’s important to any person.

The Advantis Global Training Program

Jenn Derr, Corporate Recruiting Manager, echoes that same sentiment and adds that Advantis Global’s training program is the strongest in the industry. She confidently states, “We have one of the best recruiters in the industry training you and his purpose is to get you trained, ramped up and ready for success.”

Advantis goes through an initial in-depth training, led by industry expert, Kyle Dover. As the Director of Recruiting and Training for all branches he loves that Advantis hires people that do not have an in-depth background in technology. He states, We give you the tools you will need to succeed. From teaching you how to have conversations with professionals to learn the most about all types of technology to a self-paced web-based technology training platform lead by industry experts that teach you about the most popular technologies. By the time your training is complete, you will be well equipped to have meaningful conversations with even the most techie of Technical Pros.

Advantis has invested in web-based technology training lead by industry professionals, which Kyle is a big advocate for at all branches. This is self-paced and it takes the time to break down the core principles of the most commonly worked on positions. Additionally, the training incorporates quizzes and assessments to make sure you are learning and growing. With that, there are also a lot of resources at your fingertips! When all else fails, google it! That’s what the Pros do!

Connecting People to Opportunity

From the business development focus our Director of Business Operations, Bryan Mikolaitis, reminds us on what is really important to our clients:  

We are not engineers, developers, coders or architects. We are subject matter experts in the field of human capital management. In our unique positions, we have visibility into the hiring and requirements of some of the coolest tech companies in the world. We receive new job descriptions on a daily basis and our goal is to best understand what’s most important to the engineer in terms of the company, position, team and project.  This way we can best match opportunities with what is most important to them. Be comfortable not being an expert in technology. Get great in being an expert in understanding what your consultants want in a role and let them decide if it’s the right fit for them!

Jenn Derr, couldn’t have summed it up better, it’s just like anything in life you have to learn.  Take it day by day, commit to doing your best, work through adversity and you will rock it!

Advantis Global is all about opportunities, learning and growth, while having some fun too! If your interpersonal skills are on point and relationship building excites you, join our expert led training program that sets you up for success in the IT staffing industry.  

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