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How To Get a Job at a Big Tech Company in 2022

Did you know the tech industry averages around 400,000 open job postings? The tech industry faces a dilemma: too many unfilled positions without enough qualified talent, putting tech unemployment at an unheard of 1.7%. For highly-skilled, experienced workers, this means landing a job at one of the biggest tech firms is not only possible but probable.

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Tech Jobs Are in High Demand
How To Get a Big 5 Tech Job
The Best Way to Find Tech Jobs Online in 2022

Tech Jobs Are in High Demand

Even during the layoffs of COVID-19, the tech industry saw wages increase by as much as 14% in some metro areas. The average tech worker’s salary increased by 3.6% between 2019 and 2020, reaching around $97,859 despite the economic downturn from the pandemic.

Tech job salary trend graph.

Working at one of the best big tech companies is a dream to many, thanks to high wages, unparalleled perks, healthy benefits, great paid time off, education reimbursements, paid parental leave, and diversity and inclusion programs. It’s possible to land a gig at a better company, switch careers entirely, or laterally move into tech from a similar industry.

How To Get a Big 5 Tech Job

Wondering how to get a job at a big tech company, maybe even “The Big 5”? Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are collectively referred to as “The Big 5” — combined, their stocks account for approximately 23% of the S&P 500. As a result, these companies are some of the most highly desirable places to work in the world.

List of the big 5 tech companies in 2022 with logos.

However, landing a job at one of The Big 5 or another excellent tech company doesn’t come without challenges. Elon Musk famously said Tesla received 3 million job applications in 2021 for roughly 2,000 open positions. Competitive interview processes, sample homework or presentations, and personality tests can make the application process lengthy and time-consuming. However, it’s usually worth sticking it out.

Here’s how you should polish your resume so you can stand out in a sea of applicants, nail the interview, and land that dream tech job.

1. Highlight Your Skills and Background

Big tech companies are looking for candidates with certain certifications and academic backgrounds. Make sure your resume appropriately highlights your qualifications and boldly puts your skills front and center. To achieve this:

Put education, certifications, courses, or projects at the top of your resume in bold or in front of a colored block to attract the hiring manager’s attention.

Explore online courses or certifications that allow you to specialize in your field. A product marketing manager, for example, can earn special niche certifications in competitive intelligence, positioning, or sales enablement.

Highlight outside-of-work projects. Did you build an app in your spare time or volunteer at a non-profit? Big tech employers love seeing you put your skills to work outside of a nine-to-five job.

Optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems.

Make sure the specialty projects or certifications you highlight stand out on your resume stylistically. Recruiters notoriously spend seven seconds skimming a resume, so make sure their eyes quickly catch your top attributes.

2. Study Up on Their Mission

Tech companies are extremely mission-driven and are constantly looking for applicants who connect with their broader vision. Instead of agonizing over the tiny details of the job, make sure you’re well-researched on the company mission, how it pertains to the role you’re applying for, and how you personally connect. You can achieve this by:

Reading current press releases and news articles to see what high-level executives are saying about the company’s future.

Jotting specific notes on how you relate to the company’s mission, noting examples of how you personally connect with the work it’s doing.

Reading through the company blog to learn about new projects, launches, and products and working these ideas into your interview naturally.

3. Network with Current Employees

One of the best ways to gain insight into the interview process and what it’s actually like to work at the tech company you’re considering is by reaching out to current employees. Try contacting them on LinkedIn or by email, and don’t worry about sending a cold message. You should also consider:

  • Joining local networking groups or mentorship programs.
  • Buying a current employee coffee or lunch if they’re willing to meet and talk about their work experience and the company’s interview process.
  • Looking for current employees with similarities — maybe you attended the same college, lived in the same area, or participated in the same fraternity or sorority in college.
  • Getting in contact with a recruiter to see what they have available. Not all available tech jobs are posted online.

Building a genuine connection can feel daunting at first, but approach these new relationships with authenticity and humility. Eventually, you’ll get a bite from someone.

4. Brush Up on Technical Skills

The job you’re aiming to land likely requires specific technical skills. That means you need to be up-to-date on current trends and practices.

Make sure you’re ready for any homework or practice projects. If that’s likely, you can get a head start by including coding languages on your resume. Want to say you’re an expert at data analytics? Do some research on current data trends.

It’s common for tech job interviews to contain real-life application questions or skills tests, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. If you are unprepared and get put on the spot, you could get easily flustered and botch an interview.

Advantis Global is people-driven and offers skilled tech candidate mock interviews, coaching, and more to help you make a good impression during a job interview. Recruiters understand that it can be nerve wracking to be interviewed by Fortune 500 companies, so they’re always available to help you.

Job Search Tips Cheat Sheet

Tips for finding a job at a big tech company in 2022.

The Best Way to Find Tech Jobs Online in 2022

Get connected with a recruiter. Advantis Global helps tech candidates land jobs at some of the biggest names in the industry. Candidates can submit their resumes, reach out to our recruiters, browse job boards, or add themselves to the talent roster. Explore both permanent and contract positions at some of the best tech companies online and in-office.

As your growth advocate, Advantis Global is ready to help you find a new job at some of the best tech companies in the industry. Talk to one of our recruiters about optimizing your resume or get the inside scoop on new technical skills companies want.

Man and woman sitting at a desk looking at a computer laptop.
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