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How the Pandemic Improved the Workplace

Susana Arellano
January 20, 2021

The pandemic has proved that opportunities for digital transformation within the workforce are expansive. Over a short period of time, the pandemic has normalized remote work and validated that the future is digital, as a result this created new hiring needs.

Tech companies hold a competitive advantage when it comes to adjusting to this new era of work. By achieving company wide organizational agility - they are able to maintain alignment and encourage teamwork across all departments and locations.

The global crisis brought about changes that will benefit both employers and employees in the long run:

Workplace Flexibility

By putting in place the right systems and infrastructure, companies have proved that people can work away from the traditional office and be productive. 

Most companies are moving towards a hybrid model - giving employees the opportunity to work from home as well as from the office. This empowers the culture and face-to-face interactions while encouraging collaboration.

It comes as no surprise that workplace flexibility can impact how you attract, hire, and retain talent. Advantis Global has adapted to tech company’s new hiring needs. Whether it be remote work or hybrid we can fill any position based on the hiring managers needs.

Accelerated Innovation

As more companies are turning to technology, they are implementing years of  innovation in a shorter time span.

Companies have been forced to work on solutions to adapt to the times. In return this has created teams that are problem solvers and constantly thinking outside the box.  

More Resilient Teams

Attracting and retaining the right talent has always been a priority for companies long before the pandemic. And with so much uncertainty in the air, it is crucial to focus on people and values. The pandemic has served as a reminder that people come first.

At Advantis Global, our values are focused on care and the candidate experience, we encourage our employees and contractors to make health and wellness their top priority. 

By prioritizing the health and wellbeing of individuals, this ensures a sustainable future of work. Resilient teams can weather any storm and adapt to any situation.

The Advantis Global team knows how to adapt to new hiring needs. We focus on ensuring a sustainable future of work.

Sustainability within the workforce begins with people. According to BBC in an article titled Coronavirus: How the world of work may change forever, "organizations that get it right may emerge from the crisis ahead in the war for talent, with policies that employees prefer, and workplaces that are purpose-designed to be vibrant, foster collaboration and productivity for the new way of working". 

In the end it all comes down to people. This crisis is an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize the positive and encourage organizations to respond with humanity. To be more mindful of others and understand that adjusting to a more virtual and inclusive work era requires empathy.

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