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Woman in wheelchair working from home for a tech job and looking at code on a computer screen.

The Highest Paid IT Contract Jobs in 2022 (with Salaries)

Have you ever held a contract tech job, or are you interested in trying a high-paid contract IT job? Contract IT jobs can be beneficial for a few reasons — you might not be ready for full-time work, or you might need to fill a gap for a few months between full-time roles. Approximately 57 million Americans have performed contract work at some point, and the tech industry is famous for these short-term, temporary roles.

Why High-Paying Contract Tech Jobs Exist

It might seem odd for high-paying contract tech jobs to exist — after all, isn’t there a notorious talent gap in technology? However, employers use contractors for various reasons like a temporary project, an initiative that won’t need a full-time role, or they’ll use contractors to fill a specialized job. Short-term contract jobs can mean higher pay, more flexibility, real-life application on a specific skill set, less competition, a chance for career development, and temporary exposure to a certain employer. For the tech worker who wants flexibility, a high-paying contract tech job offers the best of both worlds.

‍Highest paid IT contract jobs infographic with salaries for an IT manager, database admin, and a mobile app developer.

Here are six of the highest-paid contract tech jobs in 2022.

1. Web Developer

Average Annual Salary: $72,689

Many employers might need a website built from scratch once but not on an ongoing basis. Web developers are popular, high-paying contract tech jobs with an average annual salary of $72,689. The size, length, and price of the web development project might vary from company to company, and different organizations might require different applications within their website, so you have a chance to learn new skills and practice old ones. As a rapidly growing career path, web developer jobs are expected to grow 13% over the next decade.

2. Systems Administrator

Average Annual Salary: $75.968

A systems administrator typically sets up a company's computer systems and maintains them. Like web developers, companies might need this system set up one time for a few months but not need it often enough for a full-time position. System administrators configure the systems, monitor the performance, recommend hardware and platforms, and diagnose and fix issues as they arise. With an average annual salary of $75,968, this is one of the highest-paid IT contract tech jobs that could also lead to full-time employment.

3. Mobile App Developer

Average Annual Salary: $84,010

A mobile app developer is often an exciting, high-paying contract tech job because of the variety of projects you can work on. Mobile app developers use their creativity to create user-friendly, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing apps. Then, they will develop the functionality, work closely with other stakeholders, test usability, fix bugs, and launch the mobile app. They’re also responsible for recommending the best practices and latest technologies to make the best application for the business’ goals and use cases.

CNN Money also named the mobile app developer the “Best Job in America,” with a projected growth of 19% over the next decade, making it one of the best highest-paid contract IT jobs in the entire industry.

4. Database Administrator

Average Annual Salary: $90,923

With an average salary of $90,923 per year, a database administrator is responsible for maintaining an organization’s databases. They monitor for problems, maintain security protocols, and design the database’s front and back end with the end user in mind. They might work closely with other technology and IT teams at the business, ensuring the database is aligned with all other systems.

5. Quality Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $72,922

A quality engineer steps in before a final product is launched and stress tests every aspect, taking note of bugs, usability issues, and any other problems. Employees often use contract quality engineers to quickly launch products, support internal development teams, and stay within budget and timeline. Another high-paying contract IT job, quality engineers expect to see around 5% growth over the next few years.

6. IT Manager

Average Annual Salary: $91,030

An IT manager leads various computer-related initiatives, plans projects, coordinates with various internal teams, and manages staff. They’re responsible for implementing and maintaining computer systems, monitoring networks, auditing systems, updating software, and more. Like many tech jobs, an IT manager offers a positive career path with a projected 11% growth rate from 2020 to 2030.

Highest paid jobs in the tech industry infographic with salaries and IT positions listed.

Apply for the Highest Paid Contract IT Jobs

Contract tech jobs are perfect for filling a gap in your professional life or breaking up the time between full-time employment. High-paying contract tech jobs often offer higher pay and increased flexibility, allowing you to practice your skill sets across a variety of industries.

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Woman in wheelchair working from home for a tech job and looking at code on a computer screen.
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