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White minimalist office set up with a job search site pulled up on the monitor.

The Best Sites To Find Jobs in the Tech Field

Technology is one of the fastest-growing job sectors, with an expected growth rate of 13% from 2020 to 2030, adding an estimated 667,600 new jobs to the U.S. economy over the next few years. It’s also one of the most highly competitive fields with difficult interviews, multiple skills tests, and in-depth recruiting processes to ensure that startups and established companies find the perfect candidates. However, even with an intense application process, working in tech also comes with great perks, benefits, location independence, career advancement, and the ability to work for cutting-edge companies developing innovative products.

In May 2022, The New York Times reported that the average tech job searcher received an average of two employment offers. The websites listed below can make the search faster and easier for the new tech job seeker looking to take advantage of these high-paying, flexible positions.

Where To Find Remote Tech Jobs

Advantis Global

Advantis Global job site industries.

Working with the best employers in tech, cybersecurity, linguistics, marketing, gaming, and government industries, Advantis Global sources high-demand tech talent for highly desirable employers. With hundreds of open jobs available, Advantis Global includes high-paying tech jobs that don’t require coding. Browse the extensive job board or get directly in contact with one of their recruiters.


LinkedIn perks for tech job searchers.

One of the best sites to find jobs in the tech field, LinkedIn is a popular destination for job searching. With specific search filters, Easy Apply, and detailed job descriptions, LinkedIn job postings offer a lot of information upfront, helping job seekers quickly vet potential roles. Remember to keep LinkedIn profiles updated and accurate with relevant projects, job descriptions, certifications, and other details to maintain a robust account for recruiters and potential employers.


Indeed website job search perks.

Indeed is the world’s largest job site with a huge resume database, making it a go-to destination for tech and IT employers. Indeed claims 10 new jobs are posted every second, and it’s 100% free to submit resumes to as many open positions as desired. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better, as there are many irrelevant postings for tech job seekers.


FlexJobs website perks for tech jobs.

FlexJobs makes it easy to find remote tech jobs as it specializes in location-independent roles. For the digital nomad looking to travel the world or have more location flexibility, FlexJobs is a credible site for legitimate work-from-home tech jobs. However, this database comes with a cost. If job seekers want to apply to one of the 30,000 job postings, they’ll have to pay a subscription fee, starting at around $9.95.


CrunchBoard website tech job search perks.

Hosted by TechCrunch, one of the largest online technology newspapers, CrunchBoard offers tech, startup, and engineering roles. With the ability to search by location and keyword, it’s a streamlined place to look for jobs in tech specifically.

Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs website perks.

A newer job board specializing in remote tech jobs, Remote Tech Jobs allows job seekers to search by platform and program like AWS, Android, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, and more. This unique ability lets job hunters hone in on their strengths and passions while quickly filtering jobs they’re not as well-suited for.

YCombinator Jobs

YCombinator website perks for tech jobs.

With a simple user interface and non-flashy aesthetics, YCombinator Jobs is a straightforward spot to find tech jobs from YC startups. It boasts the ability to help job searchers find employment at the “next Airbnb, Instacart, or Coinbase” and allows job seekers to apply to thousands of startups with a single profile.

Where To Find Tech Jobs

With a notorious talent shortage, close to a million unfilled open positions, and great perks, tech jobs are an excellent career path for the modern worker. Also, gone are the days of needing to live in Silicon Valley to have a successful technology career. Many tech jobs are now remote, offering highly desirable location independence. From tech side hustles to full-time positions, the above job sites can make the job hunt faster and easier.

Advantis Global supports all types of tech roles, and one of its recruiters can walk job seekers through every step of the interview process. Advantis Global helps candidates before, during, and after their job search to obtain career advancement, more creative projects, or more pay. Browse open roles and submit a resume to any interesting opportunity.

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White minimalist office set up with a job search site pulled up on the monitor.
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