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A Day in the Life of an Advantis Global Recruiter

Author: Susana Arellano
Alex Hunt, Lead Recruiter
March 12, 2020

Before starting my employment with Advantis Global, I would look at the premise of Recruitment as a very simple concept: Putting butts in seats. Once I started with Advantis, however, I found out quickly that there was so much more that goes into recruitment than I could have imagined. Interestingly enough, the tag line best used to sum up what we do here stayed consistent: We connect people to opportunity. Subsequently, this led to me finding out just how much you can get out of it, and how rewarding it can be. This is my attempt at aiming to help those outside of staffing understand just how much goes into an 8-hour day of recruitment, and what comes out of it at the end.  

I want to start off with acknowledging the technical and non-technical professionals that we come across and work with on a daily basis. Our mission as staffing professionals is to make your experience through the hiring process as painless and easy as possible, and it is due to your willingness to comply with our policies and methods that create a healthy and productive working environment for the both of us. We would like to take our hats off to you, and honor all that you accomplish out there in an ever-changing workforce. It is because of you that we can survive in this crazy business that we call staffing, and what brings us back for more.    

The work of a recruiter can often seem very cut and dry from the outside looking in. Go to work, sit down, send the same email 500 times, show someone a job description, and then they get the job… Right? Let me just tell you, we all wish it was that simple. Once you are a part of the machine, however, the only thing cut and dry becomes the fact that anything can happen at any given moment. From the last-minute candidate back-outs, to the same day hires, there is never a dull moment in the staffing realm. You must channel the mindset of the perfect customer service representative, most driven salesperson, most intuitive problem solver, and an accomplished technical professional all at the same time. The staunch differences in conversational topics from one phone call to the next requires a constant heightened sense of awareness, and top-notch organizational skills are required to not let even the most remedial tasks slip through the cracks. Moreover, we are still dealing with humans here, not pieces of hardware or a collection of numbers, so you can imagine there can be a wide range of emotions from all parties during the entire process. What we want our clients and candidates to feel is that we are along for the ride with you. We wake up in the morning ready to fight for your skillsets and stay late to speak to lawyers about Employment Authorization Documents. We work hard to set up interviews, organize feedback loops, compile study notes, and lead soft skills coaching to make even the most reserved candidate shine bright during their time with the hiring managers. There are countless documentation practices we labor over to ensure every conversation and piece of information are stored to give our candidates the greatest chance of success and to create a personal and long-lasting relationship. It would take a long time to list out each and every piece of a recruiter's hectic job. In fact, it would have to be a running list due to the wide range of new situations that arise each and every day, but whatever the task is in front of us, the overarching goal always remains to connect people to opportunity.  

What makes it all worth it is being able to share the elation and joy of a candidate turned friend landing their biggest opportunity yet, resume building steppingstone, or end-goal dream job. Going to battle together to compete against tens, or sometimes hundreds, of applicants for a highly specialized job requires a level of cooperation and trust in one another to achieve a common goal. As humans, we are a social species meant to make interpersonal connections with our peers and fellow humans, and I can tell you from personal experience that being a recruiter has fostered some of my most incredible friendships. I have been able to experience cultures, expand my knowledge of the world, and more specifically my knowledge of human interaction through my time recruiting that I am not sure I would have acquired anywhere else. Professional recruitment is a very unique entity filled with its ups and downs, twists and turns, good days and bad days; but it is something I am very thankful to have found, and something that I overlooked for a very long time. If you are like me and love the nature of human interaction and feel a sense of accomplishment when working together to achieve a common goal, I could not recommend recruiting fast enough. Connecting people to opportunity is something we embody to the fullest, and it is through that mantra that we find our greatest rewards in life. They say pressure makes diamonds, and I look around my office and see a lot them.

Alex Hunt, has been with Advantis Global since 2017. Starting as a technical recruiter he has moved up the path to promotion to Sr. Recruiter and now Lead Recruiter managing our top accounts in Silicon Valley.
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