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4 Strategies to Retain Diverse Talent

Author: Susana Arellano
January 14, 2021

What should managers, leaders, and executives do to ascertain that every employee feels valued?  

To start, it is essential for them not only to understand but also appreciate employees’ personal experiences and perspectives. It is one of many crucial components to retain diverse talent and let people be their authentic selves in the workplace. Know that if a firm is not vigilant or mindful of establishing a culture and tools that can help employees feel valued, included, and connected, it will likely lose its diverse talent.

That is why many organizations and companies are investing their resources into hiring and retaining diverse talent. Only a diverse culture of a company can fuel performance and spark innovation. However, hiring diverse talent is not enough; it needs to stay. And only necessary elements like diversity and inclusion can help diverse talent feel comfortable and foster their skills in a thriving organization.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways organizations can retain diverse talent. Some of these strategies include employee resource groups, diversity workshops, and executives fostering a culture of internal conversation. Another strategy that can make a huge impact and leverage diversity is a cultural conference.  

Let us plunge into the details and find out strategies that help organizations retain diverse talent.

Strategies to Reduce Diverse Talent  

Companies can help employees gain a larger sense of belonging and access to learning from other diversity initiatives by sponsoring tickets to diversity conferences, which today can be done virtually. These conferences can reinforce the message that the organization is committed to the inclusion and diversity of its employees. These conferences can also work as an avenue for employees of an organization to network, connect, and develop their professional development.

A flexible workplace enables effective return-to-work for many employees on disability, medical, family, or maternity leave. Companies with flexible working policies expand their recruitment of diverse talent and have higher chances to retain them. Employees with flexible working hours have a stronger commitment to their jobs and higher-level of engagement.  

Like diversity conferences, mentor programs are another excellent strategy to retain diverse talent in organizations. Having access to mentor programs can help employees feel valued and taken care of. Mentoring can help employees learn new leadership styles, build communication skills, and get the outside support from those that have lived experiences.

Having access to executives and leadership creates a larger sense of inclusiveness with employees. Empowering employees to raise their voices to address concerns and issues is powerful and provides assurances that those that do raise concerns will be heard and not marginalized.

Leaders that provide an opportunity for open dialogue and try to be present in internal conversations from all employees can can create a greater sense of belonging.

In brief, we are all different, and employees need autonomy as well as space to perform their best.  An organization can only hire and retain dedicated and diverse talent if it makes an effort to create a work culture that is welcoming, inclusive, and offers equal opportunities. Thus, the given strategies are great to make inclusive practices a part of the organization.  

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