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4 Signs Your Future is Bright in Recruiting

Author: Susana Arellano
Jenn Derr
February 13, 2020

Are you looking for a high paying career combining fun, growth and the ability to help people?  

A career with a path encouraging your personal development as a successful leader giving you the skills which will last a professional lifetime.  

The staffing world is accelerating today’s tech industry by providing top talent and competitive salaries/comp packages to candidates like you.  Between recruiters, sales, business development managers and office management, there are several different opportunities to grow a career at Advantis.  

We are living during the lowest unemployment rates in years yet there is an abundance of open roles that need to be filled. That is why staffing is key! Ever heard the expression, “It’s all about who you know", well a recruiter is that person everyone should know! This is your professional hype person who helps you meet interviewers and gets you that dream job. Our recruiters are a part of supportive teams, receive top-quality mentorships, and follow growth tracks that lead to rapid advancement and promotions. Let us help you become a thriving high-level recruiter or business development manager.  

Still need more convincing? Here are 4 additional reasons you would thrive in the staffing industry:  

1. You’re a natural optimist. You wake up ready to take on the day, always smiling and have a can-do attitude. You see opportunities everywhere and are willing to take them on. Advantis fosters a company culture that is upbeat, driven and empowers through positivity.  

2. You love connecting people! You value authentic and genuine relationships. Investing time into connecting with current, potential and future candidates excites you and you’re ready to connect them to their next opportunity. We are driven by a service mindset that allows us to acquire and achieve.  

3. You have an abundant mindset. You’re ready to work hard and play hard. You show up to make that money! You’re motivated to reach milestones and to get compensated when met. You’re motivated to conquer challenges and come out on top!  

4. You care. You care about helping your candidates, you care about your team, and you care about your impact in the community. You want to be doing meaningful work with hard-working people. At the heart of Advantis is a culture of caring and empathy. We invest in each other and get involved in our communities to create unique and meaningful experiences. We celebrate our accomplishments together, get involved in several community service events that go beyond typical corporate volunteering, and provide ongoing opportunities for professional training and development.  

Our determination in building an exceptional company is what drives the value of purpose in our daily actions and efforts through our work. We are equally determined to foster a culture that attracts the people we need to bring this vision to life.

Do you want to know more about the incredible opportunities we have for you?
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