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Man and woman pointing at a whiteboard with a marketing plan and sticky notes.

4 Creative Marketing Team Roles for Success

Marketing involves a lot of moving parts, and in order to get the most out of a marketing plan you need the right creative professionals to execute successfully. Especially with access to location based marketing via mobile apps, which provides real time customer behavior analytics, campaign possibilities are endless. We are living in a hyper competitive marketplace, and the best way to avoid burnout is through designated roles so that each professional excels in their role.

There are a few roles to take into consideration when putting together a highly effective digital marketing team. The American Marketing Association defines marketing as a vertical that focuses on creating and communicating valuable messaging for customers, partners, and other audiences. The most common marketing goals include lead generation with the purpose of turning target audiences into customers, but goals vary from increasing exposure and engagement to improving the company’s reputation. Since marketing is a creative role, you want to avoid having one person wear too many hats. After all, creativity thrives from diversity.

Here is a list of four creative marketing jobs that are crucial in helping your digital marketing teams communicate your brand clearly, elevate your designs, produce compelling content, and get the results needed to drive success:

Essential Marketing Team Roles

Infographic chart of creative digital marketing team roles.

Creative Director

All marketing teams need a creative strategy to demonstrate brand consistency and alignment. Creative directors not only focus on a brand’s aesthetic, they understand the companies’ target market and competitors. They know how to analyze user data to develop targeted content strategies to apply throughout the customer journey to produce more conversions, build customer loyalty, and credibility. This role in a digital marketing team takes the lead and help give direction to projects and brand identity.

UX/UI Designer

It goes without saying that website design has a high impact on buying decisions. Without a good UX/UI designer role on your marketing team, you won't be able to achieve brand consistency and successful lead generation to hit goals. There is meaning to the saying, good design is good business. The power of design is a strategy in itself to drive growth and profitability. This is made achievable with this creative marketing job.

Sr. Content Manager

A content manager works alongside web designers, graphic designers, marketing managers, writers, and social media managers (basically the entire digital marketing team). They are responsible for making sure all departments are communicating to deliver/publish the best viable content on time. This is similar to a Project Manager, but is more specific to the marketing team. 

Sr. Copywriter

Another important marketing team role is a senior-level copywriter because these are the experts who create business-appropriate content for a targeted audience. They can take on any voice necessary to deliver content that adapts to the brand and is conversational, yet informative. The Sr. Copywriter is responsible for delivering up-to-date information that’s easy for the audience to digest; which means they are well-versed in best SEO practices, social media delivery, and digital marketing trends.

Need help filling roles in a digital marketing team?

AG Studios is a creative staffing agency that understands: as a company grows, it is important to consider the importance of specific marketing/creative roles to better propel the company forward. The digitization of platforms, specifically in the Marketing environment have transformed structure, processes, workflow, and decision making. If you need assistance putting the right team together. AG Studios lets you plan and execute your creative projects with confidence. Get in touch today!

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Man and woman pointing at a whiteboard with a marketing plan and sticky notes.
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