Executive Management Profile: Experience, vision, perseverance.

ADVANTIS was founded by two experienced executives with a strong understanding of the IT Marketplace and a desire to create a broad-based IT Staffing Services Company. With a combined 25+ years of industry experience these ADVANTIS execs bring an exceptional blend of strong complementary skill sets to the table—covering Enterprise business, sales, and technical aspects of running a world class IT consulting company.

The ADVANTIS management team keeps a keen focus on market trend analysis, opportunity recognition, and strategic planning. Planning for where the staffing industry is heading is every bit as important to long term success as executing our mission based on where the industry is today. Aligning with ADVANTIS as a trusted partner in staffing high priority projects gives our clients the confidence they need to remain focused on their core value proposition.

It’s all about finding the right fit!

Tools can be important, but it is people that make the difference in results achieved.

The bottom line to achieving consistent success with your organization’s IT objectives is to have the right people on the job. Companies of all shapes and sizes count on ADVANTIS Global, Inc. to deliver the highest caliber personnel possible for their mission-critical software initiatives.

Our approach is straightforward and effective—develop long term relationships with clients and consultants by building trust through demonstrated success, highly responsive service, and genuine attention to their unique needs. It is this philosophy that has allowed many clients working with Advantis to view us truly as partners in their own success.

Why consider ADVANTIS Global, Inc. for your IT organization’s needs?

Simply stated, we work harder than anyone else to understand our client’s needs up front and to match them with the ideal talent suited for specific objectives. This focus translates into consistently demonstrated client value that is hard to find anywhere else.

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